Awards 2020
Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
02 October 2020

Best Commercial Council

Nomination Closed

Category background

New commercial arrangements that have demonstrated innovation in the use of council services and/or assets, excellent returns on that investment and appropriate assessment of the risks taken with that investment.


• Best example of commercialism within the local authority context.

• Demonstration of a new commercial arrangement that balances the return on investment and the level of risk taken with that investment.

• Commercial deals that evidence innovation and outcomes aligned with the priorities of the local authority that also take account of the risk appetite of the authority.


  • An account of the challenge the authority/team faced
  • A description of how the project came into being, its aims and how it was carried out
  • The obstacles that were overcome to achieve it
  • Whether the planned outcomes were met
  • How the project met the corporate aims of the authority
  • How much of the ideas behind the project were locally-driven
  • What funding was accessed
  • The level of partnership working involved in the project, either cross departmental. public-public or public-private