Community Heroes

Nomination Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the very best in public services, with frontline workers across the country going far above and beyond their duties. There have been thousands of local government community heroes across the country, and now we are looking for the individuals and teams that have really shone.


• An overall description of the staff member or team from a line manager or colleague
• Details of what they have done that merits their application for Community Hero
• A description of the services they have maintained, improved or introduced during the difficult COVID period
• Examples of barriers they have overcome in service delivery or support work
• A wider narrative around how the staff member or team works across the organisation, or with the public
• Examples of where the staff member or team went the extra mile
• Details of the impact their action has had to help support vulnerable people in the community


Please Note:

Guidelines for submissions on this category is 2,000 words. You can also include an optional 100 word summary to accompany your nomination within your submission, this is not included in your 2,000 word limit.