Awards 2017
London Hilton Hotel, 22 Park Lane
15th June 2017

Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny

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Category overview

Very few decisions are straight-forward in local government. Most now involve a range of stakeholders, complex scenarios, multiple options and politically difficult choices. 

Excellent governance and scrutiny can play a vital a role in supporting decision-making, ensuring accountability, transparency and involvement. Improved outcomes generally follow. 

Designing approaches to governance and scrutiny is becoming more challenging, whether it is for a one off exercise or for a whole organisation, partnership or project. This award will go to the council, combined authority or partnership that best demonstrates how excellent governance and scrutiny has added value to a decision-making process or is helping your organisation/partnership achieve its objectives. 

Judges will be looking beyond legal compliance for evidence of how you designed your approach to reflect the unique challenges and circumstances faced by your organisation/ partnership. In particular we will be looking for evidence of: 


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