Awards 2020
Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
02 October 2020

Innovation in Building Diversity and Inclusion

Nomination Closed

The benefit that diversity and inclusion can bring to organisations – be this increased creativity, innovation, wellbeing or productivity - has long been recognised. Yet, the pace of progress is insufficient. This new category looks at organisations have made diversity and inclusion a strategic imperative that has delivered results.  

  • A summary of how this activity addressed the authority’s objectives to increasing under-representation in its workforce
  • A description of how the project helped to build a more inclusive culture 
  • Specifically, the new ideas, processes or initiatives that were pioneered to think differently and deliver results  
  • The challenges met and how they were overcome
  • Whether the planned outcomes were met
  • What funding was accessed
  • The lasting legacy of the activity and consequent activity/plans
  • The level of partnership working involved in the project, either cross departmental. public-public or public-private.