Awards 2017
London Hilton Hotel, 22 Park Lane
15th June 2017

Most Improved Council

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This category recognises those local authorities that can display how their corporate management teams have tackled poor performance either within their own management structures or within service areas and as a result have seen proven improvement.  Judges will want to see evidence of how senior management recognised weaknesses and set about to rectify them. They will also want to see proven improvement, through a combination of customer feedback and internal and external validation.


Entries should outline the nature of the poor performance, how it was identified and how management created a strategy to address it. Entries should describe the journey to improvement, including overcoming the obstacles as well as encouraging the facilitators, along with the nature of any external support. Entries should also include the role of elected members in the improvement process. 

Judges will be looking for evidence of how senior management had a clear and ambitious vision for improvement while being prepared if necessary to adapt to changed circumstances in order to meet their goals. Judges will also be interested in seeing how the local authority learned from the improvement experience and whether it can apply to other local authorities.

Entries should come from the chief executive or relevant corporate director supported by their senior management team.





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