Awards 2020
Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
02 October 2020

Senior Leadership Team

Nomination Closed


This category recognizes the vital role of the senior management team in a local authority and its impact on service delivery and successful organizational change. The senior management (or leadership) team comprises the chief executive and directors of the authority and entries should be submitted by the chief executive. Entries should focus on the achievements of the team and its recognizable outcomes.

Judges will be looking for evidence of a strong corporate ethos and of effective and successful relationships between the different members of the team as well as with members of the Cabinet. Judges will want example of how this close working relationship has helped deliver the council's strategic goals and led to a step change in service provision and outcomes. They will look for evidence of the distinctive difference the senior management team added, through their actions as a management team, to solving or reconciling a difficult public problem in their locality.

Supporting quotes from the leader/senior politicians will be useful in helping judges make their decisions.

Entries should also include key data namely annual net revenue budget, number of staff, size of population in the local authority area and basic socio-economc information about the area such as demographics and levels of deprivation and prosperity.