Local Authority of the Year

Nomination Closed


Category Overview

This category highlights success not just in one local authority department or project but right across the organisation. Winning this prestige category, or reaching the shortlist, sends out a message to both staff, partners and potential partners that the local authority is a high-performing council, an important factor at a time of increasing devolution. Previous winners are councils that displayed a strong corporate centre with close synergy between the senior management team and the Cabinet, together driving innovation and high performance across the authority. Clear vision by senior management and members, strong forward planning and evidence of successful service provision should be outlined in the entry.


 The judges will be looking for evidence of real performance improvement across the authority. Therefore the submission should come from the Chief Executive and/or Leader of the council. While we will take into account previous external assessments, the judges of this award will be making up their own minds. They will want evidence that the authority really is excelling across the full range of major services and that this is sustainable. In particular, we would like you to articulate the following:

  •  The performance (including evidence around outcomes) of your major services; e.g Corporate, Children’s and Adults’ Services
  • How your authority has successfully risen to the financial challenges the present themselves as a result of continuing reductions in budget
  • Where do you believe you have been truly innovative? 
  • What makes your authority distinctive, what can other authorities learn from you?