• Demonstrate your pride in all that your team has achieved over the last year
  • Provide your community with evidence of the successful projects that you are putting in place
  • Recognise all the hard work and dedication that is needed to deliver a successful outcome
  • Illustrate your ingenuity, thought and innovation often in the face of budget and resource cuts
  • Demonstrate positive, tangible outcomes to challenging situations
  • Learn about best practice and other successful initiatives from across your sector

Winning an MJ Award not only allows you to recognise all that your colleagues have achieved over the last 12 months, but it also allows you to shine a light on your council. Each category is judged by influential commentators from the private and public sectors giving your organisation the chance to illustrate its ability, ingenuity and performance.

Every year without fail, the judges are impressed by the level of dedication and the practical, tangible outcomes they see in the submissions.Winning an MJ Award will not only allow you to show your team how proud you are of their achievements, but it will also provide your council with the recognition it deserves.