Entry FAQ's

Q. Who can enter The MJ Awards?

A. The MJ Awards are open to any individual/team working within a Local Authority.

Q. Can I nominate myself or my company for any of the awards categories?

A. Yes, and you are encouraged to do so.

Q. Who judges the awards?

A. For each category there are at least 3 judges who are leading experts from within the sector associated with the category.

Q. What are the judges looking for in an award winning nomination?

A. The judging criteria for each category of award differs slightly. See each category for specific requirements by clicking the Categories tab. General information on what the judges are looking for are shown in the 'How to Enter' section.

Q. What’s the closing date for nominations?

A. Friday 23 April 2021 at 5:00pm 

Q. As a past winner or finalist, is there any point in me submitting nominations again?

A. Absolutely! If you don’t enter, you won’t win. If you are a previous winner, try and win again. Others have. If you have been a previous finalist go for it, and try and win this time round.